E-Book: Ukulele Crazy for Beginners E-Book

Ukulele e-book for beginners - by Bartt

E-Book for beginners! World-recognized virtuoso Bartt Warburton, known as "Ukulele Bartt," gets you started on ukulele. The fun is almost here! Get more at Bartt.net

Bartt's E-BOOK for Beginners!

This is the companion to Bartt's "Ukulele Crazy" instructional DVD.

Go from beginner to intermediate faster than a penguin can say "Heliotrope." Use the e-book and the DVD together, or just use the e-book alone. Or the DVD alone. It's all good!

After you've learned the beginner stuff, get Bartt's more advanced DVD and e-book, "Ukulele Bartt's Ultimate Ukulele." You'll learn much fancier stuff, have more fun, and get more penguins. It's even better!

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