"Pluck You" entire album, with song charts and artwork

Bartt's "Pluck You" album is fun and highly musical.

Bartt's "Pluck You" album holds ten songs of love, zombies and more love. Ukulele and more, including Greek bouzouki, vocal harmonies galore, and Bartt's famous flying fingers and inimitable sense of humor.

Bartt's "Pluck You" album, with artwork and some fancy chord charts. Ten songs:
1. Yes, I Love You
2. Climbing the Garden Walls
3. Love Song Number 682
4. Ghosts in Love
5. Be Mine
6. And We All Had a Ball
7. Zombie Love Song
8. In the Marketplace
9. Your Little Tootsies
10. Pluck You

Plus ukulele chord charts for these songs:
1. Pluck You
2. Yes, I Love You
3. Zombie Love Song
4. Be Mine

AND a little artwork: front and back of the album.

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